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Tips to Hone Your Body

Summer is just around the corner and you have no time to lose. This plan will help you get in optimal shape for… more »

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The 10 Most Challenging Pushups

Like to do pushups? Then this article is for you. We have prepared a dozen variations on this classic exercise that will satisfy… more »

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Testosterone Against Fat

Maintaining a healthy level of this hormone in your body will help you build muscle, prevent belly throw and you will be charged… more »

Gym Most Challenging Pushups

Strengthens Arms and Shoulders at the Same Time

The full version for arms. Warm up: 15 minutes on the elliptical or 90 seconds jumping rope and 10 pushups (3 times). Then… more »

Fitness Training What are the Benefits of static squat

How to Strengthen Your Muscles?

Need more power in your workouts? These 4 exercises will give you the strength you need to improve your results! If you want… more »

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How to Get a Body of Swimmer?

Most of them must be aware that the ‘death crawl’ is one of the most complete exercises in the world. In addition, it… more »

Exercises How to Gain Strength in Your Arms

How to Gain Strength in Your Arms?

This combination of complex exercises will help you speed up your metabolism, shoot your testosterone and gain strength. Your program: Do five repetitions… more »

Physical Exercise Burst Energy with Home Gym

Burst Energy with Home Gym

Burning fat and gaining muscle without going to the gym We begin with three assumptions: This month you cannot go to the gym.… more »

Fitness Training 6 Tricks for Testosterone Not Your Abandon

6 Tricks for Testosterone Not Your Abandon

Griffin testosterone begins to close when we turned 20. From here we will lose 1% of the hormone every year. But do not… more »

Exercises 3 Exercises and 300 Muscles

3 Exercises and 300 Muscles

A full body routine for any day at any time … without braces! This routine is designed to be performed in circuit fashion.… more »